Notifications could be improved
I ordered a motor cover part was told it would arrive in about a week. And within about 10 days I did get an email telling me my part was in. So I drove to the store (I live about an hour away) then I was told there was no part there they looked around for about 10 minutes and then concluded it was a computer error of some sort. 2 more weeks and I got another email notification saying my part was there. This time I was smart enough to call first to confirm and sure enough the part had not arrived. After 2 and half months, of the summer, riding season, with no further notifications I had to call and, yep, my part was in and had been sitting there for a time. Anyway, kind of a frustrating experience. Also, I understand that when you know a lot about bikes and rub shoulders with serious racers it's hard to keep a level of humility, but it's good practice to avoid talking to people like they are noobs wasting your time.
Jared Burton
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